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Today we’ll be looking at the ultimate collection of roof ventilation reviews, resources and discussions which can be found online to help you make a suitable decision on the right roof ventilation alternative.

HEG Solar Xtractor Roof Low Res

We have organised the below articles into sections to allow you to easily identify the topic you are interested in and choose articles or forums accordingly. The information listed inside these forums, websites and reviews are independent and not associated with Roof Ventilation Blog. If you find information which is incorrect please alert the website’s webmaster to correct that information.Any roof ventilation reviews, resources or discussions are mostly from forums which encourage open discussions from their members. We felt this was important so our readers can be exposed to different experiences and roof ventilation reviews from people around Australia!

We’ll list a wide variety of helpful links in this post – which will range from passive drying rooms to how effective whirlybirds can be in the summer – so have a click around and enjoy the collection!

Whirlybird Roof Ventilation Reviews



Solar Ventilation

Sub Floor Ventilation

Drying Rooms

Throughout the links provided above, we’ll aim to give a well rounded update on everything roof ventilation and the most suitable and effective alternative out there. Roof ventilation reviews come in all different types from someone taking a photo of their backyard and uploading it on Facebook, to someone starting a discussion about the horrible experience they may have had using a Whirlybird in their office or daycare centre. It’s important when reading a review on anything, whether it be whirlybird, solar ventilation, passive or electric powered to keep an open mind.

Try remember to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the situation that they’re in similar to mine?
  • Have they considered the following? Why or Why not?
  • Is their budget similar to mine?
  • What types of steps did they take to resolve their issue (if they had one)
  • Do they have experience in the industry?
  • Do they live in a similar location/terrain to you?
  • How long have they had the roof ventilator for?
  • Is the roof ventilation review what I was expecting? Why/Why not?
  • Is it possible that the roof ventilator wasn’t successful for a reason beyond their control?
Passive Roof Ventilation Review

Passive Roof Ventilation

By looking over these questions (and I’m sure more will come to mind now that I’ve got the ball rolling) you’ll be able to take some time to make a well educated decision on what the best ventilator is for your home or property.

We’ll be aiming to update this list of roof ventilation reviews/links/resources and discussions as often as possible, so please do not be afraid to comment with a new topic of discussion if it comes up!