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Heat extraction is essential to keep yourself cool!

Heat Extraction & Home Cooling in 4 Easy Steps

Looking to Maximize your Home Cooling & Heat Extraction? Heat extraction is easy in principle. During those scorcher summer days, we like to crack open windows and get the fans on high. Or perhaps you’ll close everything up and hope the air conditioning does the

Evaporative Cooling & Ventilation

Roof Ventilation & Evaporative Cooling Summer here in Australia can be pretty cruel, especially in the warm southern parts across from Melbourne to Perth, or in dry regional Australia. I am sure that everyone reading this has experienced the kind of summer I’m talking about.

Roof Cowl

No Eaves or Gables? No Worries!

As you probably have figured out, ventilating roof spaces without eaves or gables effectively can be a challenge. If you don’t have eaves or gables then you basically have two options: Replacement air from inside the house – via ceiling vents, or; Replacement air from

Roof Ventiation Reviews Whirlybirds

Roof Ventilation Reviews/Resources/Discussions

Today we’ll be looking at the ultimate collection of roof ventilation reviews, resources and discussions which can be found online to help you make a suitable decision on the right roof ventilation alternative. We have organised the below articles into sections to allow you to

Save Money With Roof Ventilations

Save on Installing Roof Ventilation

Are you considering installing roof ventilation in your new home? There are many options and alternatives to choose from! 1. Wind Driven Roof Fans (Whirlybirds) 2. Mains Powered Roof Vents 3. Solar Roof Vents 4. Passive Roof Ventilation   Wind-driven whirlybirds are not expensive to