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Heat extraction is essential to keep yourself cool!

Heat Extraction & Home Cooling in 4 Easy Steps

Looking to Maximize your Home Cooling & Heat Extraction? Heat extraction is easy in principle. During those scorcher summer days, we like to crack open windows and get the fans on high. Or perhaps you’ll close everything up and hope the air conditioning does the

Roof Ventilation Alternatives 2018

Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart 2018

Roof Ventilation Blog’s 2018 Residential Ventilation Comparison Another year, another chart! It’s been two whole years since we looked into roof ventilation alternatives. Glad to have you back with us, though. We’ve had a wealth of enquiries come through from readers who’ve had their roof whirlybirds

Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart 2016

Roof Ventilation Chart – Product comparison – What has changed since 2014? For the latest information we now have an updated chart at Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart 2018! Roof ventilation blog has come across some major changes in the past few years since we released

Watch Out For American Designed Roof Ventilators

Amercian Designed Roof Ventilators I wanted to write this post to highlight and warn people currently looking for solar roof ventilators. In your quest for finding a roof ventilation system you will come across a variety of units which may or may not be suitable

Summer Australia

3 Simple Summer Roof Ventilation Tips

3 Simple Roof Ventilation Tips It’s that time of year again and it’s starting to heat up. You may have arrived on this blog seeking a Summer roof ventilation solution for your Australian home so it doesn’t boil up over those 30-40 degrees. If you’re

Roof Ventilation Alternatives

Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart

For the latest information we now have an updated chart at Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart 2018! We stumbled upon this cool table on the ATA Forum and it really gives a good representation (hopefully whoever did this has their facts right) of what’s on the

Roof Cowl

No Eaves or Gables? No Worries!

As you probably have figured out, ventilating roof spaces without eaves or gables effectively is a challenge. You basically have two options: Replacement air from inside the house – via ceiling vents Replacement air from the roof Replacement air from the inside of the house is