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sub floor air vents

Fixing Rising Damp with Sub Floor Air Vents

Rising damp is a common issue in many Australian homes, causing unsightly damage and potential health risks. Understanding how to address this problem is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy living environment. One effective solution is the use of sub floor air vents. What

subfloor ventilation - centrifugal fans vs inline fans

Subfloor Ventilation Guide: Centrifugal vs Inline Fans

Subfloor ventilation plays a vital role in maintaining both the health and structural integrity of a building. It’s essential to ensure proper airflow beneath the floorboards to prevent moisture buildup, mould growth, and structural damage. In this guide, we delve into the role of fans

mould growth in subfloor

Subfloor Ventilation: The Ultimate Guide

Do you need a Subfloor Ventilation System? It’s easy to overlook the importance of having proper ventilation in the area beneath your home. Although you may not be directly aware of the air quality there, it can significantly impact your living environment. If there are

Sub Floor Ventilation Chart

Sub Floor Ventilation Alternatives Chart

So we’ve created another chart! This time it’s a line up of Sub Floor Ventilation Alternatives. This sub floor ventilation chart follows on from our last chart we created, the Commercial Ventilation Chart, and the first one we found on the ATA Forum which inspired us

Subfloor Ventilation

Sub Floor Ventilation – How Does It Work?

Adequate sub floor ventilation is essential for all buildings with a subfloor How much ventilation is required will depend on the building and the specific location. Factors such as type of soil, run off drainage, etc are all very important factors when evaluating subfloor ventilation