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Commercial Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart

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Commercial Ventilation Alternatives

Commercial Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart Roof Ventilation Blog

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There’s An Updated Version Of This Chart Can Be Found Here

We were inspired by the chart we found on the ATA forum recently which showed the strength of various roof ventilation alternatives that we’ve decided to make our own!

We’ve done a bit of research on some different sites and their products. We found as much information as possible and have gone to more effort than your average customer so this should be a pretty good idea when you make a purchasing decision.

However, there’s one thing – we’ve looked at Commercial Roof Ventilation Options this time!

That means these types of units are specifically for offices, schools, factories, swimming pools, etc. Really anything that requires more power and strength to ventilate the building which your average roof ventilation unit just won’t cover.

We’ve added the specific links to where we found the products below so you can see exactly where we got our data from (some sections are missing because we’ve not been able to find that info or the business has refused to give it to us because they don’t know it themselves/never returned our inquiries!)

(Est. Using 12km/h Wind Speeds for Wind Driven Roof Ventilation Alternatives)

Either way, we’ve still managed to put together a very accurate chart which will definitely help you in your buying decision on your quest for commercial roof ventilation!

We’ve ordered the chart from strongest to weakest in airflow

Here’s the link to the direct products we found:

Solar Whiz Roof Ventilation Blog

 Solar Whiz SW3000 – Commercial Ventilation Direct Link

Roof Ventilation Blog Ample Air

Ampleair (SV 950) – Commercial Ventilation Direct Link

Edmonds Hurricane Roof Ventilation Blog

Edmonds Hurricane (900mm) – Commercial Ventilation Direct Link

SV 90 Western Solar Roof Ventilation

Western Solar (SV 90) – Commercial Ventilation Direct Link

Solar Star Roof Ventilation Blog

Solar Star (RM1600) – Commercial Ventilation Direct Link

We haven’t included the prices of these units because:

  1. Prices depend on how many units you want to purchase (more will usually get you a discount)
  2. Some of these companies have dealers which offer slightly different prices from one another
  3. They’re not that hard to find now that we’ve provided you with the direct links too!

If you can help us find the missing data – add it in the comments below and it’ll be sure to help other potential buyers who are actively looking for commercial roof ventilation or commercial exhaust fans.

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You can also catch our post on Commercial Ventilation – Why is it important? to find out more!

Until next time – Roof Ventilation Blog