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Why are Solar Heat Extractor Fans Superior to Big Ass Fans?

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Solar heat extractor fans are generally a part of a ventilation system that uses solar energy to power the fans and extract hot air from a building or space. These fans have a number of benefits over traditional ceiling fans such as the well-known big ass fans. Most importantly their ability to extract large volumes of air from the building – instead of moving the existing air around.

One major advantage of solar heat extractor fans is their high airflow rate. These fans can extract up to 10,000 cubic meters of air per hour, making them highly effective at ventilating large spaces or buildings. This is particularly useful in industrial and/or commercial settings, where efficient ventilation is crucial for comfort and/or indoor air quality.

In contrast, traditional large ceiling fans (e.g. Big Ass Fans) may move a lot of air around within the building, but they are not designed for, and are therefore ineffective at extraction, even though they have high airflow rates. Big Ass Fans are powered by electricity and require a lot of power to function. The design of large ceiling fans limit their effectiveness at ventilating larger spaces as they mainly move air in close proximity to their location and therefore may require the installation of multiple fans to achieve the desired level of air movement, which is often referred to as ventilation (although that isn’t correct).

Another benefit of solar heat extractor fans is their energy efficiency. These fans use solar panels to generate electricity, which means that they do not rely on fossil fuels or other non-renewable energy sources. This not only helps to reduce carbon emissions, but it also helps to lower energy consumption and costs for the user, whilst effectively achieving the desired/required ventilation outcome. Furthermore, solar heat extractor fans can be paired with energy storage systems, such as batteries, to allow for the fan to run even when there is little or no sunlight available. However,  the technology for batteries is still not cost-effective for solar heat extractors. Therefore, powering solar heat extraction fans via a mains-powered backup system that only uses as much energy as it needs to ‘top up’ the capacity of the Solar heat extractors  during the day (and at night) is a more attractive solution from a  financial perspective

In contrast, traditional large ceiling fans such as Big Ass Fans are power hungry and rely on mains power to operate the fan, and therefore less sustainable and far more expensive in the long run. These fans may due to their design and size be prone to mechanical issues and require ongoing maintenance and repair.

Another advantage of solar heat extractor fans like Solar Whiz is their durability and low maintenance requirements. Our units are less likely to experience technical issues and require fewer repairs because the design is simple and uses fewer moving parts. – and should the DC motor wear out after many years of ongoing use – the replacement is simple and straightforward.  In addition, solar heat extractor fans are often designed with corrosion-resistant materials, making them suitable for use in harsh or humid environments.

Overall, solar heat extractor fans offer several benefits over traditional big ass fans, including their high airflow rate, energy efficiency, and durability. These features make them a smart choice for those looking to improve ventilation in their buildings or spaces.