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Summer Australia

3 Simple Summer Roof Ventilation Tips

It’s that time of year again and it’s starting to heat up. You may have arrived on this blog seeking a Summer roof ventilation solution for your Australian home so it doesn’t boil up over those 30-40 degrees. If you’re actively looking to purchase a

Roof Ventilation Alternatives

Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart

For the latest information we now have an updated chart at Roof Ventilation Alternatives Chart 2018! We stumbled upon this cool table on the ATA Forum and it really gives a good representation of what’s on the market at the moment (hopefully whoever did this

Eave Vent Close Up Installation

Eave Vents for Effective Roof Ventilation

There are two main reasons for installing eave vents: Heat removal in order to reduce the heat load on the interior of the building Moisture removal from roof space Roof ventilation is based around the idea of removing existing air in the roof space which

Roof Cowl

No Eaves or Gables? No Worries!

As you probably have figured out, ventilating roof spaces without eaves or gables effectively can be a challenge. If you don’t have eaves or gables then you basically have two options: Replacement air from inside the house – via ceiling vents, or; Replacement air from